Aisi 904l Stainless Steel Nuts Specification

AISI 904L Stainless Steel Nuts manufactured at TorqBolt are corrosion resistant,high temperature resistant with ultimate tensile strength.

Dimensional standards as per ANSI B18.2.2 in imperial and ANSI B18.2.4.6M in metric are provided.

The raw material of these fasteners is classified as low carbon high alloy austenitic stainless steel. Being a PED certified Fasteners Manufacturer by TUV Rheinland,our fasteners are accompanied with EN 10204 3.1/3.2 certification. AISI 904L Stainless Steel Nuts are available in hot forged,cold forged and bar stock machined conditions depending upon the order quantity.

Alloy 904l has a designated UNS NO called 8904, which is generally referred to as 904l. Being a low carbon high nickel alloy austenitic stainless steel it is more corrosion resistant as compared to AISI 316 & AISI 317L including AISI 321 & 347.Since ALLOY 904L has high levels of molybdenum and nickel along with chromium, it is the most preferred alloy among austenitic stainless steel group. UNS 8904 fasteners also knows as alloy 904l fasteners are highly resistant to hydrochloride acids. Especially ALLOY 904L Bolts have a tendency to withstand these chloride solutions without any adverse effect on Alloy 904l Nuts and alloy 904l washers due to addition of copper. Alloy 904l Bolts and nuts included with washers are crevice and stress corrosion cracking resistant. Alloy 904l Used in cryogenic applications is found most successful to its low temperature sustaining capabilities with optimum toughness. Alloy 904l Bolts Nuts and washers are non magnetic in nature. 904l has high chromium content, which enables forming of a passive film to protect the surface from corrosion and crevice cracking. Fasteners in Alloy 904l are both hot formed and cold formed. Generally Alloy 904l bolts are cold formed in huge quantities along with alloy 904l nuts. Alloy 904L fasteners have a greater resistance to precipitation of ferrite and Sigma phases on cooling and welding than other stainless steels Containing molybdenum such as 316L and 317L.least risk factor of intercrystalline corrosion on cooling or welding due to the low carbon content is achieved in 904l fasteners like hex bolts nuts washers It maximum service temperature is at 450°C. .

AISI 904L Stainless Steel Equivalent Designation

UNS Designation British STD Werkstoff No. European STD Swedish STD Japanese STD
N08904 1.4539 X1nicrmocu25205 2562 Sus 904l

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